Apex Computing Solutions, Inc. has been in the computer software business since 1993.  We offer information technology (IT) services to a wide range of industries such as telecommunications, manufacturing, financial, and aerospace.  Our innovative solutions help our clients cut IT related costs and gain competitive edge in their respective industries.

Our team consists of highly trained and experienced technology experts who help provide quality solutions to cost conscious companies by making use of cutting-edge open source software tools and technologies.  We have experts in object-oriented, web-based software design and construction using Java, C/C++, Perl, Windows MFC, SMTP, SNMP, TCP/IP, POP3/SMTP/MAPI, CORBA, Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, Powerbuilder, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Distributed computing environments, XML, SGML authoring and publishing and Linux Clustering on a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, Solaris and HPUnix.

Our alliance with prominent companies in India and Russia also provides our clients with outsourcing options.  We simplify and streamline our clients' IT processes so they can concentrate on their core competencies.  Put our "onshore services with offshore prices" winning combination to work for you.

We have brought our expertise in the following industries:



In collaboration with the internal Information Systems (IS) group, we developed one of the largest XML and SGML technical publication systems in the world for the largest airplane manufacturer.  This complex system consists of high performance ddLinux based clusters.  CORBA is used to distribute the workload.  The system also has load balancing, fault tolerance and other CORBA standards and technologies.

Our experienced staff is involved with all stages of development; from requirements and design through implementation. 



For the largest toy manufacturer in the world, we co-developed the order and credit management system.  Powerbuilder was used to transform their legacy mainframe system to  "point-and-click" client-server programs.

Our consultants have also helped one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors analyze the business need to automate price negotiations with drugs manufacturers.



Our consultants have thorough understanding and experience in network management and telecommunication protocols such as SNMP, TSAPI, ASN and CDMA.



One of the three largest credit-reporting companies utilizes our services to modernize their mainframe system in order to increase their efficiency translating to better customer service and better turn-around time on credit reports.